Aggarwal Hospital’s Gynaecology Department is dedicated to providing specialized healthcare tailored to the unique needs of women. Situated in the heart of Yamuna Nagar,Near Hotel Sapphire, our hospital has emerged as a beacon of quality healthcare services. We take pride in addressing a wide spectrum of gynaecological and obstetric concerns, all while ensuring compassionate patient care.

Our Leading Gynaecologists

Dr. Sushmita Aggarwal

M.S, MBBS (Gynaecologist and Obstetrician)

Dr. Sushmita Aggarwal, a gold medalist from Aligarh Muslim University, is a highly respected name in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. With her extensive expertise, she specializes in managing diverse menstrual issues, offering personalized solutions for each patient.

Dr. Saroj Aggarwal

Gynecologist and Medical Superintendent

Dr. Saroj Aggarwal, an accomplished medical professional with an MBBS and MD from Guru Nanak Dev University, brings decades of experience to our team. Her holistic approach to women’s health and well-being has earned her a reputation as a trusted healthcare provider.

Our Distinctive Features

  1. Minimal Waiting Time:
    We understand that your time is precious. At Aggarwal Hospital, we ensure that your appointments are scheduled efficiently to minimize waiting times and prioritize your convenience.


  2. Compassionate Care:
    Our team of dedicated medical professionals, including doctors and nurses, is committed to providing empathetic care that extends beyond medical treatment. We recognize the importance of addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of women’s health.


  3. VIP and Luxury Rooms:
    Your comfort is paramount. Our hospital offers VIP and luxury rooms designed to provide a serene and private space for your recovery, ensuring you feel at ease throughout your stay.


  4. State-of-the-Art Facilities:
    Equipped with a modern Modular Operation Theater, Aggarwal Hospital guarantees surgical procedures are conducted with the highest standards of precision and safety.


  5. Cashless Facility:
    We are pleased to offer cashless facility options for your convenience. Your health and well-being remain our priority, and this additional feature reflects our commitment to accessible healthcare.


  6. Exclusively cosmetic Gyanaecology :
    Aggarwal Hospital’s Gynecology Department is proud to be the exclusive center in Yamuna Nagar dedicated to cosmetic gynecology. Our specialized approach not only addresses medical concerns but also focuses on enhancing women’s confidence and overall aesthetic well-being.

We are conveniently located near Hotel Sapphire in Basant Nagar, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. Our address is:

Main Road, near Hotel Sapphire,
Basant Nagar, Yamuna Nagar, Haryana 135001, India

At Aggarwal Hospital’s Gynaecology Department, we are committed to providing women with exceptional healthcare that respects their unique needs. To schedule an appointment or for inquiries, please contact us using the provided mobile numbers. Your well-being is our priority.